Activities at Baragarh Villa, Manali

Vacations are not only about relaxing at the hotel or usual sight seeings. But nowadays a power packed vacation includes getting involved in various exciting and adventurous activities to make your visit fun filled and worthwhile.

At Baragarh Villa, Manali we make special arrangements so that you can indulge in various activities with your loved ones and you can enjoy by immersing yourself to the splendour and beauty of nature 

Baragarh Villa Kullu Leisure Activities Baragarh Villa Kullu Himachal Pradesh

Leisure Activities : We make special arrangements for you to choose from a wide range of activities like walking, hiking as per your choice. Indulge yourself in these activities and enjoy nature's companionship to the fullest.

Baragarh Villa Kullu Soft Activities Baragarh Villa Kullu Himachal Pradesh

Soft Activities: We encourage guests to involve in various activities like - Orchard Walk, Village Picnic, Massage, Private Campfire Dinners, Local Music, Yoga and Meditation, Excursion to Monastry, Fruit Picking Trip., so that they can relax and acquaint themselves more with Mother Nature.

Baragarh Villa Kullu Adventure Activities Baragarh Villa Kullu Himachal Pradesh

Adventure Activities: Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush by involving in a wide variety of adventurous activities like, Trout Fishing, River Rafting, Trekking, Helicopter Rides, Safari Exploration with Basket Lunch, Paragliding, Hot-Air Ballooning, Skiing.

Baragarh Villa Kullu Trekking - Baragarh Villa Manali

The breathtaking views of Manali promise to steal your heart. Get amazed at the gift of nature that is beautifully presented in the city as we take you to an exciting hike on the mountains. Grab your sports apparel and join us to this wonderful trekking and take a view of the picturesque.

Baragarh Villa Kullu Rafting - Baragarh Villa Manali

Fish out your passion for fishing and catch as many fish as you can. Visit out hotel in Manali and enjoy this adventurous vacation in the city. Unwind this holiday season at our Manali hotel and succumb to the adrenaline rush. 

Baragarh Villa Kullu Fishing. Baragarh Villa Manali

Begin your refreshing day with an exhilarating rafting on the most famous of rafting location in Manali. We will help you get all the right equipment and make the session happening for an unforgettable vacation.