Baragarh Villa

Baragarh Villa, Manali, Baragarh Estate, Village Gurdorh, PO Larenkelo Himachal Pradesh - 175104
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Experience a Luxurious Stay in the Lap of Himalayas

At Baragarh Villa, Manali you can enjoy Mother Nature in her purest state. Located in the famous Baragarh Estate in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, Baragarh Villa, Manali, is a brand new property that provides all the luxurious amenities of a 5 star hotel. 

Come and escape into the blissful silence of our pristine Himalayan Abode. Here the rhythm of life surrenders to soothing melodies of nature, whispering through fragrant pine trees and colourful fruit orchards. Feel the ecstasy of life with butterflies dancing over flower beds and lush gardens and walk through the enchanting serenity of Kiwi plantations, Apple orchards and Pears Pomegranate and Walnuts orchards. Experience the wellness of body and soul as all your senses fuse into complete harmony and well being, amidst spectacles of nature and sweeping views of the majestic Himalayas and the Kullu Valley, with its vibrant Beas River and hillsides dotted with a fairy tale theme of ancient Himachali villages. 

Baragarh Villa Kullu Kullu-Manali Baragarh Villa Kullu Himachal Pradesh
Baragarh Villa Kullu Nature Park Kullu Bargarh Villa Kullu Himachal Pradesh

The Suites are designed with utmost care to pamper you with our best facilities. The four suites are divided in two categories - Royal Suite and Family Suite. All suites are well decorated with all the amenities for a luxurious stay. We have a library and a children play area for your recreational needs.

This villa is in the premises of Baragarh Estate, which is famous for Bollywood parties. This villa has been designed and given a personal touch Mr Anil Khullar and Mrs Sarita Khullar.

Baragarh Villa Kullu Royal Suite Room Baragarh Villa Kullu Himachal Pradesh
Baragarh Villa Kullu Family Suite Rooms Baragarh Villa Kullu Himachal Pradesh
Baragarh Villa Kullu Orchard Suite Living Baragarh Villa Kullu Himacahal Pradesh